Police alert after con caller targets 93-year-old Kirkby woman

Police have given advice over bogus callers.
Police have given advice over bogus callers.

Police have renewed warnings about doorstep con callers after a thief targeted the home a 92-year-old Kirkby woman

A man went to an address in Bulwer Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, around noon on Tuesday, claiming to be a meter reader visiting to read gas and electric meters.

It is believed the man climbed over a four-foot gate at the side of the house to gain access to the rear of the property.

The man was allowed into the home but left empty-handed. The elderly occupant was able to keep a close eye on him as he made his way around the property.

She then quickly locked the door behind him as he left. Calls to the home’s electric supplier have confirmed nobody was sent to the address.

Officers would like to hear from anyone who saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area around the time of the offence. Do you have your own CCTV? Please get in touch

If you have any information which could help please call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 000710-11062015 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Officers will be posting material through the doors of neighbours following this incident. However we would also encourage people to make their elderly relatives and neighbours aware.

Police issued the following crime prevention tips for dealing with unexpected callers:

LOCK - Keep your front and back doors locked even when you are at home and remove the key from the door.

STOP - Before you answer, STOP - are you expecting anyone? Look through a spy hole or window to see who the caller is.

CHAIN - If you decide to open the door, put the chain or door bar on first, if you have one. Keep the chain or bar on while you are talking to the caller. Don’t keep it on all the time as this could delay your exit in case of fire or getting help to you in case of an emergency.

CHECK - Even If you are expecting anyone, ask for the caller’s Identification Card and thoroughly check this. If you are still unsure, call the company concerned to verify their representative’s identity. Don’t use a phone number on the card, as it could be false, look up the company in the phone book if you can. If you’re still not sure, ask the caller to come back later when someone is with you.