Police visit Nottinghamshire addresses to warn people not to buy knives from abroad

Picture by Nottinghamshire Police.
Picture by Nottinghamshire Police.

Police have visited addresses in Nottinghamshire to warn people about illegal ordering of knives from abroad.

They gave warnings to a number of people about the illegal importation of knives after the UK Border Force intercepted weapons bound for Nottinghamshire.

The seized weapons, which had been ordered online from overseas, include zombie knives, flick knives and karambit knives, which are curved and resemble a claw.

The people who were visited on Wednesday warned that action would be taken against them if they did it again.

During the operation, officers also seized more weapons, in addition to 17 that were recovered on Tuesday.

Sej Modha, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: "We're very pleased with how this operation has gone over the last two days and the positive response we received. The fact that these people have now been educated and there are now less weapons that could potentially get in to the wrong hands is a great result.

"Since January 2019, there has been 345 interceptions of offensive weapons heading to the East Midlands, of which 95 were destined for Nottinghamshire.

"Importing knives to the UK from overseas is illegal - even if the weapon is one that would otherwise be legal to possess in their home."