Police warning for residents

POLICE are warning residents to be on the look out for opportunist thieves sneaking in to unlocked houses and cars while they are at home.

While overall crime in Eastwood and Kimberley is down 15 per cent, there has been a spate of ‘walk-in’ burglaries and items stolen from cars that have been left unlocked.

Over the last two weeks there have been nine burglaries. Thieves walked through a front door in Brinsley and stole keys to an Audi sat on the driveway on January 13, and last weekend a mobile phone was stolen from Swindon Close in Giltbrook after a door was left unlocked.

Last week there were four cars targeted in one night in Mornington Crescent, Nuthall and last weekend tools were stolen from car in Eastwood and a laptop was stolen from a car in Nuthall.

Pc Ross Clarke at Eastwood Police Station said: “We are seeing an increase in burglaries and theft from cars where people have left front doors and car doors unlocked.

“As opposed to the usual prizing doors and windows open, they are just walking straight in.

“People are leaving sat navs and lap tops in cars on display – perfect for the would-be opportunist thief. They are leaving items within easy reach of the front door, such as car keys.

“People assume it’s safe to leave their front door open, but it’s not.”

Pc Clarke said it was ‘imperative’ residents kept all doors and windows locked, even when they were in.

“People must not leave valuables inside cars, and they should always be locked – even when they are sat on the driveway. The same goes for houses. Even when you are in, lock the doors.”

Last weekend thieves stole a 5ins flat screen television and a surround sound system from a property in Knightsbridge Drive, Nuthall, while the residents were out. The incident happened overnight last Saturday some time between 7pm and midday on Sunday.

Last week we reported in the Advertiser that crime figures are the lowest they have been in a while across the whole of Nottinghamshire. Records show that the number of crimes committed in December was half that committed in 2002 when records began.