Sutton man headbutted cop after alleged attack on homeless man

The PIcture House in Sutton
The PIcture House in Sutton

A drugged-up Sutton dad lashed out at police officers when they tried to tackle him after he allegedly kicked a homeless man in the town centre, a court heard.

Kyle Maxwell grabbed a female PCSO by the arms when she moved him away from the incident, near the Picture House pub, on Fox Street, at 8.45pm, on July 15.

When a police officer came to assist, Maxwell said: "You can have some as well" and landed a glancing blow on the officer's lip with a head-butt, said prosecutor Emma Heath-Tilford.

The PC punched Maxwell and both officers took him to the floor, but he continued to struggle and kick out as he was put in the van.

Diazepam tablets were found on him when he was searched at the police station.

He later told police that he mixed alcohol with valium and diazepam, which he got off a friend, because he "wanted to give them a go while he was off work."

He said he could recall headbutting someone, and said he grabbed the PCSO because she grabbed him.

Probation officer Mark Burton said Maxwell's police interview was "callous" and he tried to minimise his role in the alleged assault on the homeless man.

He said: "In interview with me he was far more remorseful. He stopped taking cocaine three years ago when he became a father."

Chris Perry, mitigating, said the mechanical engineer became depressed after losing his job a year ago, but instead of getting help for his mental health, he began self-medicating.

"It has taken this ugly event to put everyone on notice that he needs some help," he said, adding that Maxwell has since stopped misusing prescribed drugs and won a full-time contract.

Maxwell, 31, of Carsic Road, admitted two counts of assaulting a police officer, threatening behaviour, possession of drugs, and a Bail Act offence, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on July 20.

He was fined £769, with a £76 goverment surcharge and £85 costs, as well as £100 compensation to each of the officers.

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