Victim of robbery ‘feared for his life’

Neil Fowler robbed at his house in Eastwood.
Neil Fowler robbed at his house in Eastwood.
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A MAN was dragged into his garden on his knees and had his necklace ripped from around his neck by robbers in Eastwood.

Neil Fowler said he ‘feared for his life’ and grabbed a knife to defend himself during the incident at his Walker Street home last week.

The terrifying incident last Tuesday began when two men knocked on his back door.

Mr Fowler said he had been cautious about opening the door when he heard the knocking.

But when he challenged the two men about what they wanted he answered the door believing they were there to talk to him about his car.

When he answered the robbers forced the door into him, knocking him to the floor.

The 46-year-old then says he picked up a knife which they knocked out of his hands with a crowbar before dragging him into the garden by his neck, and stealing his jewellery.

“I was on my knees on the floor so I reached for the draining board and I picked up a knife to try and scare them off,” he said. “I had cuts on my hands from the knife and there was blood all over the floor.

“They dragged me outside by the neck and they ripped all my legs to bits. I’ve got scuff marks all over my knees and shins.

“I’ve got grazes all round my neck as well, but I didn’t realise my necklace had gone until the ambulance arrived. They must have really pulled at it. It must have snapped.”

Mr Fowler said as the robbers fled he shouted to the neighbours for help, but nobody heard him.

“It all happened so fast. I feared for my life,” he added.

“I think if they hadn’t got the chain they would have done the whole house over.”

The first offender is described as mixed race, around 20 or 21 years old, 5ft 4ins tall, with a gold tooth in the top row of his teeth. He had straight, dark hair and was wearing a blue jogging top with a hood, which was worn up at the time.

The second man was white, also around 5ft 4ins tall, and was wearing grey jogging bottoms and top.

Anyone with information should contact Det Con Nicola Faulkner or Det Sgt Tara Clapperton at West Bridgford CID on 0300 300 9999 ext 810 6237. Alternatively call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.