Warning after dog attack

A DOG owner has issued a warning after her pet was savaged by a Staffordshire terrier off its lead in Ilkeston.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she was crossing the road just after the canal bridge in Awsworth Road when her fox terrier turned to see the loose Staffy puppy chasing behind it.

The dog then gripped its jaws around the smaller animal’s face, piercing its cheeks and injuring its paw, leaving it requiring treatment from the vet.

A man and a girl with the dog simply looked on while the attack took place.

The owner of the fox terrier said the man was laughing while she tried to prize the Staffy’s jaws off her pet.

“There are families with young children feeding the ducks down there,” she said.

“What kind of things will that dog be capable of when it’s fully grown if it can do this to my dog.”

She described the Staffy as tan-coloured with white patches, aged about six months.

Her fox terrier is expected to make a full recovery.