Worker stole cash and tools from mormer friend

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An ungrateful worker must obey an eight-week curfew as punishment for stealing from a former friend who gave him a job.

Mark Wyatt was handed a works’ van and the company credit card - but ended up pawning tools and withdrawing £120 for himself, a court heard on Tuesday.

It ended with a 16-week prison term, suspended for 18 months, being imposed on Wyatt of Cornfield Road, Kimberley.

He admitted theft of tools and cash totalling £1,720 from MBE Ltd between June 29 and 30.

Deputy District Judge Kevin Grego told him: “Someone was giving you a hand up and this was absolutely disgraceful.

“Your record is a bad one.”

Sitting at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court, the judge said disruption to the business amounted to £2,000 on top of the value of the theft.

In a statement read in court, the company owner said: “I run a business and trust my workers. This has hurt that trust. It has also lost my business money because he did not turn up for jobs.”

The court heard that Wyatt, 38, worked for the firm for only a month.

Problems were discovered when he failed to arrive in Oldham to do some work, said Michele Macleod, prosecuting.

He made an unauthorised cash withdrawal from the company bank account, which had been made available to book a hotel room.

On June 30, Wyatt took tools to a pawn shop, where they were exchanged for money, added Mrs Mcleod.

Rebecca Meadows, mitigating, said: “Mr Wyatt has a lengthy record of previous convictions but there have been periods where he has managed to stay out of trouble.”

Wyatt must pay £1,000 compensation to the firm, a £180 court charge and a £80 government surcharge.

Under the terms of the curfew, he must remain indoors between 8pm and 6am.

He must attend a 12-day course laid on by probation officers.

The judge told him: “The reason is to try and make you change your behaviour.”