George Stevenson - paedophile pensioner
George Stevenson - paedophile pensioner

TWO victims of a paedophile pensioner have thanked a judge who jailed their tormentor for 12 years.

The duo had waited decades for justice to come to George Stevenson, now 75, of Turner Avenue, Langley Mill.

His male victim, a boy aged about seven when the abuse began, said this week: “It is amazing. I am pleased with the outcome. It is a great relief.”

Asked if the sentence would help heal the mental scars, he added: “It’s a start.”

Stevenson’s female victim, who was aged about ten at the time of the abuse, said: “I just wanted him off the streets and out of the way.”

The pair were applauded by Det Con Michelle Robinson from Derbyshire police, who investigated the case.

She said: “I praise the bravery of both victims for coming forward to the police to report these horrible offences.

“I know this was extremely difficult for them.

“I hope this custodial sentence will encourage others who have suffered abuse in the past to come forward and have the confidence that the police will take these matters seriously.”

At Derby Crown Court, Judge John Burgess told Stevenson: “The sentence I pass can’t give them their childhoods back because you took it away from them. You showed no remorse.”

After reading reports about the impact on the two victims, the judge said they included ‘lack of confidence, lack of trust and sleeplessness’.

Stevenson had pleaded not guilty to eight charges of a serious sexual assault and indecent assaults.

During the trial he changed his plea to guilty on two indecent assaults on the boy, but claimed the victim was aged over 16.

Judge Burgess said he deserved no credit for that, adding: “You were trying to manipulate things to your best advantage. You failed.”

Alastair Munt, defending, said Stevenson’s wife was ill and he acted as her carer.

“One can only hope she will be alive to see him again,” Mr Munt told the court.

Stevenson has been in custody since being found guilty and Mr Munt said his health had declined.

“He has been in the vulnerable persons’ wing and that has been less than inspiring, a salutary lesson for him,” said Mr Munt.

A series of references, including one from a church, spoke highly of Stevenson, Mr Munt added. Stevenson had no previous criminal convictions.

During the three-day trial last month, the jury heard Stevenson told the boy to say nothing about the abuse, claiming nobody would believe him if he did.

The female victim told the jury Stevenson made her feel ‘it was my fault’.

The pair became upset as they relived their ordeals in the witness box, but Stevenson later tried to claim they were ‘crocodile tears’.

The jury took less than two hours to find him guilty of all charges.

He was put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and banned from working with children.

He is likely to serve six years in prison before being released on licence.