Curry night helps church

A CHARITY curry night in Eastwood raised £530 for the town’s church roof fund.

Bombay Spice in Nottingham Road donated all of its takings on January 17 to the St Mary’s Church roof fund.

Manager Syed Addul Mukit donated every penny from the night to help put towards the £36,000 bill.

The church was re-built at the end of October but Rev David Stevenson is still fundraising to pay off the bill.

Water had got in to the steelwork and rusted the concrete causing the roof to leak,

Mr Addul Mukit said: “They asked me to help so I talked to one of the church members about it.”

Customer Michael White said: “It went well. Everybody enjoyed it. It was very generous of the owner because the whole night must have cost him a few hundred pounds.”