D-day on future of path

Inkerman Street, Selston
Inkerman Street, Selston
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Selston residents and councillors are eagerly waiting to hear the final decision on whether a walkway, known as Footpath 75, will remain open.

At a public inquiry held on September 24, the cases for and against potential closure of the path were put forward.

Sam Wilson, a parish and district councillor for Selston, claimed the majority at the public inquiry appeared to be in favour of blocking off the path. He said: “There was a lot of support for the closure of the path from local residents at the inquiry.

“There were objections from the Ramblers Association which we were a little bit shocked about because the 70 metres worth of path, goes through two gardens and doesn’t really lead to anywhere.”

The path, also known as footpath 72, runs between Inkerman Street and Inkerman Road and has divided members of the community for many years.

Selston Parish Council and some residents have said that the path, which is recognised by Nottinghamshire County Council, should be closed.

But an application to ‘extinguish’ it was met with fierce objections from campaigners who want it to remain open.

In 2007, the Planning Inspectorate ruled that the footpath should remain open because historically, it had linked the isolated communities of Bagthorpe, Hanstubbin and Underwood.

Frank Wood, who referred the matter to the Planning Inspectorate and has grown up using the path, said it should remain open.

Mr Wood (91) said: “If it is decided the footpath should be extinguished I will appeal it.

“I don’t understand how they can extinguish it when it has always been a path. They can’t just close it because the route has changed from people illegally blocking it off.

“When the results of the inquiry come back I will put in a complaint to the ombudsman.”

Selston residents now have a six-to-eight week wait before the outcome is known.