Dad battles rain on 170 mile bike ride

A fitness fanatic whose son goes to Westwood Infant School battled torrential rain and high winds on a 170 mile bike trip to raise money for the school.

Phillip Layton biked from Westwood to Snowdonia and raised £820, which has paid for new maths equipment to help the kids with their numeracy work.

The 32-year-old dad-of-two said he wanted to help the school during tough economic times.

He said: “I know over the last couple of years they have suffered a bit of hardship, and it’s a lovely little school.

“I went there, as did my family and now my son goes there as well so I thought it would be nice for them to benefit from it.”

My Layton – who had the support of his friend Ian Betterson – said it was a ‘tough challenge’, but he completed it in under a day as planned.

“It was hard. Very hard,” he said.

“The day we went it was torrential rain and wind and we did struggle. It was a long day and we got a few punctures along the way.”

The pair set off at 2am and arrived at 7pm that night.

Phillip, who lives in the village’s Field View Close, was originally planning to do the Snowden Marathon challenge – the hardest marathon in Europe which involves running around Snowdonia National Park.

But he tore his achilles heel during training and had to swap his trainers for his bike.

He is now fully recovered and has applied to do the Snowden Marathon at the end of this year, again to raise money for the school.