Dancer appears on BBC talent show

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Josh Attwood is a dancer from Brinsley and recently appeared on a BBC talent show where he reached the semi finals.

The 19-year-old, who is currently studying at the London Contemporary Dance School, was picked out of thousands to appear on BBC Young Dancer, which aired last weekend on BBC 4.

“I applied online. I sent in two videos of myself dancing and I was one of 15 picked for the contemporary dance category.”

Although Josh didn’t make the final he said it was a great experience and a platform to showcase his skills.

Josh went to Eastwood Comprehensive School and was part of the Centre for Advanced Training (CAT) from the age of 11 to 18.

“I did a GCSE and a BTEC in dance and then went on to Bilborough College to study A levels in dance, drama and photography,” he said.

“Every Saturday while I was at school I trained with CAT in ballet, pilates and contemporary technique.

“After that we would have a to two hour creative session.”

When Josh left college he applied to three organsiations to study dance in higher education, and was accepted at all three.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Josh.

“I applied all over the country, but I picked London as my favourite and I’m loving it.

“In London there’s always opportunities.

“The dance scene is great and there’s always opportunities to collaborate with art students from all over.

“There’s also always auditions being held in London,” he added.

The talented teen spends from 9am until 6pm dancing and studying everyday, and when he’s not doing that he’s working to try and cover his rent costs.

“We do ballet for an hour and a half, then contemporary technique, then in the afternoon we do a composition and a creative session and do some academic classes doing subjects such as anatomy.

“On my days off I work at Starbucks to help pay my rent,” he added.

Ambitious Josh said looking ahead ot the future, he wants to travel.

“I want to get a job with a touring company so I can see the world.

“I want get a job as a dancer and perform in theatres across the world. I think it would be great.

“I’m really interested in choreography so I’m trying to get as much experience in that as I can because after that I would love to run my own company,” he added.

Josh was raised in Newthorpe and his family now live in Mansfield Road, Brinsley.

He said throughout his school life in Eastwood, there was plenty of opportunity to get into dancing.

“Eastwood school was quite good at offering things like that.

“I felt like there was a real push for boys to get into dance.

“I remember there was a good hip hop class, and there were ballet classes and all sorts so there wasn’t a struggle ot get into it.

“I used to do so many after school clubs – I would get home at 7pm every night,” he said.