Danger of knives showcased in film

Jordan and Rebecca McGibney
Jordan and Rebecca McGibney
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A stabbing victim from Kimberley and his son are highlighting the dangers of knife crime in a new film made for young people.

Written by Luke McGibney, 42, the film Stereotype started shooting in May and is now in post production.

Luke’s wife Rebecca, 30, and his son Jordan, 20, co-directed the film to make sure it reflected the real experiences of young people today.

It tells the story of an East-End teenage boy called Leroy who journeys into the night armed with a flick knife to avenge his brother’s murder - but he soon finds himself in a moral dilemma that will change his life forever.

“There is a terrible stereotype attached to young people now and especially in Nottingham - and the film shows how their circumstances are more complicated than you expect,” said Luke.

The issue is close to home for the family of producers, as Luke was stabbed himself as a teenager in east London.

“I was unfortunately caught in the crossfire of two football firms fighting outside an East-End pub, and ended up being attacked with a knife,” he added.

Things have changed substantially since then, added Luke, when knife crime was largely isolated to just the ‘firms’.

“Now being ‘tooled up’ seems to be the norm for a lot of kids, so the impetus to write it was to show that they don’t have to follow the stereotype,” said Luke.

The family raised the money for the film on Kickstarter, exceeding their target of £5,000 in a just a few months.

Luke hopes to air the free film for local schools in the autumn, so they can use it as a talking point in classes.