Dangerous dogs seized in Broxtowe falls by half in 2014

Dangerous dog - pit bull
Dangerous dog - pit bull

The number of dangerous dogs seized by police in Broxtowe has been almost halved in the last year thanks to county-wide policies.

So far this year only five dogs in Broxtowe have been seized by the police, compared to eight in 2013, and only one dog has been taken in Ashfield per year for the last three years.

In fact the number of dogs seized across the county this year stands at 42 which is lower than both 2012, which saw 44 dogs taken from their owners, and 2013 when 71 dogs were seized,

Sgt Martyn Toombes, of Nottinghamshire police’s dog section, said the force had put procedures in place to ensure that fatal dog attacks that have occurred in other parts of the country do not happen in this county.

He added: The number of dog-related incidents has reduced as we now have more specialist dog legislation officers to identify potentially dangerous breeds and to educate dog owners on how to keep their dogs under control.

“We have also developed additional training for control room staff, probationers and divisional officers on this issue.”

Dogs can be deemed dangerous by the police and seized for one of two reasons - either they are an illegal breed such as a Pit Bull Terrier, or they pose a danger to people.

An amended Dangerous Dogs Act came into force in May 2013 which applies to all dogs in the UK.

This states that it is a criminal offence for the person in charge of a dog to allow it to be ‘dangerously out of control’ either in a public or a private space.

It is also now illegal for an owner to allow their dog to attack an assistance dog.