‘Dangerous’ ex-boyfriend from Eastwood is jailed to ‘protect women’

Richard Tully, of Eastwood, was sent to prison for 18 months.
Richard Tully, of Eastwood, was sent to prison for 18 months.

A ‘dangerous’ man from Eastwood has been jailed after he cut up his his former girlfriend’s tracksuit and jacket and damaged her TV.

The judge told Nottingham Crown Court he was sending 29-year-old Richard Tully, of Comet Drive, to prison for 18 months to “protect women”.

The court heard that Tully had previously been banned from making any contact with his ex-partner. But he got into her home after walking up to her in St Ann’s, Nottingham one day in July last year and snatching her keys, as well as her mobile phone, from her hand.

After cutting the clothes and damaging the TV, he locked the front door from the inside, leaving the keys in, and escaped through a living-room window, which he left open.

In the meantime, the woman had fled to a friend’s house, from where she called the police. Officers went round to her home and later arrested Tully, who admitted three charges when he appeared in court.

The charges were breaching a restraining order to stay away from the woman, who was not named in court, engaging in coercive and controlling behaviour and also possession of cannabis.

Representing Tully in court, Fraser Digby, mitigating, said his client regretted the whole episode.

However, the judge, Recorder Jason MacAdam, said a pre-sentence report, prepared by probation officers, compelled him to reach the conclusion that Tully did not accept responsibility for his offences. The defendant had continued to dispute all the evidence and to blame the woman for his acts.

“That insight, or lack of it, means that you present a continuing danger to her,” said the judge.

“To put you in the community with a suspended prison-sentence hanging over you is to take you on trust that you will not commit further offences. However, you give me no reason to conclude that I can trust you to do that. I have to protect this woman and other women from you.”

As well as 18 months for the main charge of controlling behaviour, Tully was sentenced to 12 months, to run concurrently, for the breach of the order and one month, to run concurrently, for the cannabis offence.