David finds history of town fascinating

Author David Page has decided to write his second book about the history of Eastwood.

The author has asked residents to submit stories of interest from years gone by, and plans to publish the book later this year.

The ambitious pensioner, who has had ten books published over the years, said he decided to write ‘Eastwood, Nottinghamshire: Volume Two’ because there had been so much interest in his first book, and he found the subject fascinating.

David, and his partner in crime, Brian Fretwell, who does the research, have asked people to submit 350 words, telling their story from years ago.

“We’ve been given dozens of stories. It’s amazing really,” said David.

“I find the history of Eastwood fascinating. I’ve learnt a lot that I didn’t know before.

“It’s so interesting. I always thought Eastwood was just about DH Lawrence and mining but it’s not.

“The talent of people in this area is just amazing. It has opened my eyes, I didn’t know there were so many interesting people in the town.”

Brian has lived in Eastwood all his life, and ran a grocers’ shop in South Street.

He is now a driver for the local Age Concern and is heavily involved in community work, so he uses his contacts to find all of the best candidates for the most interesting stories.

Short stories have come from teachers at Devonshire Drive School, funeral directors, St Mary’s Church and Eastwood Friendship Club to name just a few.

David’s bank of stories includes that of Baptist preachers Jack and Jean Duckworth. They travelled the world preaching the Gospel, and Jean has recently written a biography about her late husband, entitled ‘Jumping Jack’.

David said the writing all started when they realised how many local stories they were being told day-to-day.

“Just while doing our communtiy group work in Eastwood we realised how many local poeple were telling us stories about their past in Eastwood. And that’s what inspired us. We like to think it’s the making of Eastwood.”

The book is dedicated to Norman ‘Sol’ Davis, who has written about his life working at Moorgreen Pit.

Norman, or Sol as he was always known, is the oldest miner who is still living in The Buildings in Eastwood – homes that were specifially built for miners and their families years ago.

David said: “When we asked for feedback on the first book, Norman said there was nothing about The Buildings.

“Eastwood used to be just a hamlet, and it was the pits that really made the town, so we thought it would be nice to dedicate this second one to Norman. We wanted to feature more of the people that gave Eastwood its special character. And he’s a wonderful old fellow.”

Another individual featured in the book is Arthur Bud-Morris.

He was a well known sporting character who played for the Badgers for his whole working career. He played for many local teams, and also played cricket.