David Page

We regularly remind residents to lock up cars and homes well before leaving them unattended and the same applies to sheds and outbuildings, especially now the evening light is fading fast.

Rogues hate the light, so it is a good time to fit and check security lighting is in place and working well and that ladders and dustbins are placed out of reach of the opportunist burglar. It is also wise to remove hammers, screwdrivers and other tools from sheds, in fact any items that could be used for breaking and entering.

The police can’t be everywhere, so it is up to us to report any strange activity in our street by ringing 101, Crimestoppers: on 0800 555 111 or, in a life-threatening emergency, 999

Our own website is http://www.eastwoodneighbourhoodwatch.co.uk/

If you have any questions relating to Neighbourhood Watch or would like to attend our next meeting and perhaps become a street co-ordinator, why not give our chairman Keith Longdon a call on telephone 07917599 855.

Many more of our country’s transport authorities are seriously considering a 20 mph speed limit for roads where people live.

There are reams of figures to support this action and yet there are still sceptics with their own figures to refute what commonsense tells us is true — that speed kills.

And yet daily we are deluged by exciting television advertisements, boasting of gleaming new, faster, more powerful cars, doing nought to 60 quicker than the blink of an eye.

Our impressionable young drivers aspire to own these road rockets, in order to impress their friends.

Of course we never see adverts of broken bodies and ruined lives, this would be too sick for our senses to accept and could give us nightmares. But it happens all the time, and thankfully the authorities act quickly to restore the scene to normal.

Assuming that most speeding motorists would hate to be involved in even a minor accident, our message is quite simple - Slow down where people live, and don’t sleepwalk into tragedy.

Our next quarterly Neighbourhood Watch meeting is at Percy Street Baptist Church, on Tuesday, November 12, at 7pm.