Deborah Regan

Eastwood police station new inspector Deb Regan
Eastwood police station new inspector Deb Regan

The clocks have gone forward, the nights have got lighter and no doubt you will have been enjoying the recent warmer weather. But now that spring appears to have sprung please take a moment to ensure that your homes, vehicles and belongings are secure, even if you are just doing a spot of gardening.

On Sunday night alone we had reports of about five cars being broken into with various items being taken – including a saxophone belonging to a music teacher. The instrument was in its case and taken from the boot of a Toyota Yaris parked in Hamden Street, in Giltbrook. A sat nav was also snatched from the glove box and the owner of the saxophone has appealed for its return. It is a Keilwerth Alto Saxophone that is shiny black and is engraved with a JK as well as having a floral design around the bottom of the instrument. If you’ve seen it, or think you know where it is, give us a call on 101. One man has been arrested in connection with the theft and is currently on bail.

Please remember that designer sunglasses, a handbag or CDs left on display can attract offenders who will quickly smash a window, reach in and grab them. Open or unlocked windows and doors are also a gift to opportunist thieves who won’t think twice about nipping inside and snatching cash or keys. Be mindful of this but rest assured our officers are out on patrol, highlighting any insecurities and doing all they can to ensure the safety of residents.

This work will be emphasised during a day of action that local officers are involved in on Tuesday, April 8. We are teaming up with other emergency services, local authorities and organisations and will be out and about providing crime prevention advice to residents. You will no doubt see the officers in the town centre on the day so if you’ve got any questions, or concerns about crime in your area, please stop them for a chat.

This weekend the Force is focusing on the great work that Special Constables do. It is a voluntary role and plays a vital part in the service we provide to you. Special Constables can come from all walks of life and in their spare time volunteer alongside regular officers.

To find out more about what the Specials are up to, you can follow them on Twitter @NottsSpecials. For more information about becoming a Special, or to find out how to apply, email