Defibrillator at parish hall

Partners and mayor of Broxtowe Graham Harvey.
Partners and mayor of Broxtowe Graham Harvey.

The first public defibrillator is to be put up in Brinsley.

The life-saving piece of equipment, to be used if someone has a heart attack, will be put up outside the village’s parish hall.

At least eight defibrillators are being put up across Broxtowe, thanks to a partnership between Broxtowe Borough Council and its contractors United Living, Vinshire Plumbing and Heating and Ian Williams.

The defibrillator delivers an electric shock to the heart in an attempt to re-stabilise the rhythm following a cardiac arrest.

In the event of an emergency, the person who called 999 for an ambulance would be given the code to the cabinet and have immediate access to the device.

Mary Spier, community response manager for Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire’s Ambulance Service said: “When someone is in cardiac arrest, or suffering from a heart attack, seconds count. Performing CPR and using an automated defibrillator can be the difference between life and death.

“Now that this life-saving piece of equipment is accessible to any member of the public to use in an emergency, it really can save a life.

“All of the machines are automated and give verbal instructions which include applying pads to the patient’s chest. They are really simple to use.”

Sheena Trower, the town clerk at Brinsley Parish Council said “Brinsley Parish Council is delighted to report the inclusion of a defibrillator within the village, allowing easy access for everyone, disabled access included.”

Following consideration of the initiative, Broxtowe Borough Councillor John Handley arranged for this valued facility to be dedicated to the parish at no cost.

Arrangements are in place for the equipment to be installed in the very near future.

The defibrillators will be housed in secure metal cabinets located on the exterior walls of public buildings such as village halls, disused telephone boxes or pubs.

The council’s construction partners have also agreed to replace a recently vandalised defibrillator that was previously located at the Wellington Inn, Eastwood.

It is proposed that the new defibrillator will be relocated towards the centre of Eastwood.