‘Desecration’ by ‘pathetic’ mindless yobs

David Page, left and Brian Fretwell at the War Memorial in Eastwood.
David Page, left and Brian Fretwell at the War Memorial in Eastwood.

Heartless youths have ripped all the crosses out of the planters at the Eastwood War Memorial.

Yobs stole the planters and left the little wooden crosses – each remembering someone who gave their life in war – scattered on the ground.

Eastwood resident David Page said the behaviour was “diabolical” and described it as a “desecration”.

“It’s desecration isn’t it? It’s awful. It’s just not right.

“I can’t understand the mentality of someone who would do something like that. I just think it’s diabolical. It’s an insult to our dead war heroes.

Mr Page, who spent four years in the South Notts Hussars and is a member of the Royal Artillery, said he was worried what visitors to the town would think.

“I’m mostly concerned for the visitors to the area. The people who want to see the place where their family has been remembered.

“On Remembrance Sunday practically the whole of Eastwood comes out to see these memorials that we have in the town. It’s a crying shame,” he added.

A note has been left at the site in Nottingham Road written by Maria Kirk – a very upset member of Eastwood’s Royal British Legion - who described the culprits responsible as “pathetic”.

It reads: “You have insulted the memory of all those men whose names are inscribed on the memorial.

“Young men who gave their lives so that you could live in freedom. I hope you can live with yourself because in my eyes you are a pathetic human being.”

Eastwood Town Council clerk Chris Thompson said the council would get the memorial looking nice again.

“We will replace the troughs and the memorial area will all be cleaned up,” Mr Thompson said.

“The floor, which needs doing, will also be sorted out. We will put it right.

“We will be spending some money on it shortly.

“It’s obviously a very sensitive place and we have reported it to the police.

“We will hopefully find those people responsible and take them to task.”

Mr Thompson said the work to the memorial will be done over the summer.

The council clerk said there was currently an ongoing problem with vandalism in Eastwood that was being looked into.

He said the defibrillator had been ripped off the wall at the Wellington Inn pub, trees had been ripped up in the local parks, and youths had been causing havoc playing football in the town’s streets.

“We have got one or two issues going on in the town at the moment with vandalism,” he said.

“They are all being reported to police.”

Mr Page greed there was a problem with vandalism in the town.

He said he recently installed a plastic drain cover at the front of house and it was stolen within two days.