DH Lawrence and his love of trains

Photograph of D.H. Lawrence probably taken in the 1920s
Photograph of D.H. Lawrence probably taken in the 1920s

The speaker at the next D.H. Lawrence Society meeting, to be held in the D.H. Lawrence Heritage Centre, Durban House, on Wednesday, April 9, at 7pm, will be Helen Baron, from Hull. One of Helen’s many distinctions is that she edited Sons and Lovers, and its earlier version, Paul Morel, for the Cambridge University Press.

The title of Helen’s talk is Lawrence’s Exploitation of Trains in his Fiction. Lawrence travelled by train throughout his life and this talk looks at how he exploited train-travel to intensify the dramatic impact of his novels, stories and poems. Lawrence sometimesset scenes inside carriages and on other occasions described trains as viewed by characters.

, where characters might be excited, saddened or embarrassed, and, other times, he described trains as viewed from the outside by characters who felt threatened, challenged or moved by trains passing through their locality.

Admission is free (with a voluntary £2 donation towards room hire). Non-members and all are welcome.

The D.H. Lawrence Society is delighted that readers of this paper voted to name the new public house on the Nottingham Road The Lady Chatterley and are looking forward to the opening on Midsummer’s Day, June 24, when it is hoped, subject to the agreement of Wetherspoons, that members will be able to assist with the appropriate launch of this venue by reading some short passages from Lady Chatterley’s Lover and other works by D.H. Lawrence.