DH Lawrence group kicked out of library

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AFTER 30 years meeting at Eastwood library, the DH Lawrence Society has been told to find another venue.

The society received a letter from Nottinghamshire County Council saying they will have to meet elsewhere because of costs incurred and because the caretaker is no longer able to open up for them.

Until now the council caretaker has volunteered to open the library up for the evening meetings, but is no longer able to do it.

Group secretary Dave Brock said the letter mentioned the costs of heating and lighting, which he described as ‘paltry excuses’.

Mr Brock said: “It’s a terrible, ridiculous decision.

“This is the DH Lawrence Society in Eastwood and we are talking about coppers.”

Nottinghamshire County Council’s assistant head of libraries Philip Marshall said: “Our arrangement with the DH Lawrence Society has been a long-standing, informal one for many, many years now, so we very much regret not being able to accommodate the group at the library from April. We unfortunately won’t have the resources to offer a caretaking service around the society’s meeting hours.

“We also have a limit on the number of people who can use the meeting room for health and safety reasons and I know the group needs a venue which can accommodate more members.”

The society will now hold the meetings at the Sun Inn on Mansfield Road.

Mr Brock said although he was disappointed to not be meeting in the library anymore, it was nice they had found somewhere relevant to Lawrence’s work and that was featured in his novels.

Meetings take place at 7.15pm on the second Wednesday of every month.

Dudley Nichols, the nephew of Louis Burrows who Lawrence was engaged to for over a year, will be giving a talk at the next meeting.