Diamond couple mark occasion with party

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FrED and Marion Chambers celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary with a party for over 100 friends and family at Eastwood Town Football Club.

The couple, who celebrated the milestone on July 7 when they received a card from the Queen, were also treated to visits from the deputy Mayor of Broxtowe, Cllr Margaret Handley, the chairman of Greasley Parish Council John Handley, and Greasley councillor, June Layton.

Fred and Marion are both members of Newthorpe Baptist Church, where they were married and where they now sing in the choir.

They asked family and friends for donations instead of presents so they could pass the money on to the church, which is fundraising for new windows.

As well as raising £625, they were also given a swing hammock for their garden, flowers, and glassware.

The couple have lived in their home in Stamford Street, Newthorpe, for 55 years and both originate from the area.

Fred, 83, comes from Newthorpe and was a telecommunications engineer and Marion originates from Giltbrook, and spent 22 years working in the offices at the Co-op in Eastwood.