Did you spot UFO in the sky?

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Did you spot a strange, fast-moving bright light above the Eastwood and Kimberley area? Was it a UFO?

These are the questions being asked after the bizarre object was seen late at night on Tuesday November 19.

On Twitter this week, one of our readers said he saw the phenomena above Selston and followed it up to Giltbrook

Software programmer Andrew Hallam,41, said he was walking back from a neighbour’s house - where he had watched the England football team lose to Germany 1-0 –when he saw what he described as a ‘bright ball of light streaking across the sky.’

He said: “It would have been going east to west. It had no vapour trail at all and it was quite a clear night.

“I saw it go across for about a second-and-a-half, then I lost sight of it as it went past some trees.”

Did you witness the light? You can get in touch with us here by email at news@eastwoodadvertiser.co.uk.