Disbelief at noise plans


I am writing in disbelief at the headline ‘Plans To Monitor Noise Of Children’ in this weeks Advertiser.

Have Broxtowe Borough Council gone mad in their pursuit to prevent the noise of our children as they go about their developing years and dare I say it “have fun along the way”.

I find it absolutely disgraceful that the council are pandering to the demands of a handful of residents that appear to have nothing better to do and seem insistent on wanting to stop our children being children.

The original complaint about the MUGA being too noisy doesn’t seem to be enough for these people and they have now switched their attention to security men going about their business and using torches to do this.

Have these people got nothing better to do?

Broxtowe Borough Council should hang their head in shame in wasting their time and taxpayers and money on this debacle.

We live in a very tolerant society and the MUGA and the new school has been erected, paid for by the taxpayer and gone through all the local planning permissions of the local people that will benefit generations of local people and local children passing though its doors for many years to come.

Enough is enough and the council should be brave enough to stand up to these people and say this in public and put an end to this fiasco.

The next thing these trouble makers will be complaining about will be the “grass is too green”.

Come on ‘Get a Life!!’

Mark McDaniel