Display day for Eastwood U3A group

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This month Eastwood U3A held its second annual display day for members. More than 20 of the 30 different interest groups within the U3A were able to show other members what they had been doing during the last year. The vegetable gardening group had a large display of their garden produce. The five-mile walkers and strollers group were able to show photos and maps of their adventures. See left for more.

The ukulele group played a selection of their songs and the Radio Waves had a very detailed display of their course. Many craft and knitted items were on display, along with a range of jewellery from the appropriate groups. The bridge group and board games group were able to show other members how to play a variety of unusual games. Other groups represented were the social activities, geology, poetry, theatre, wine appreciation, family history, Spanish, jazz appreciation, general gardening, discovering Nottingham, pub pals and discussion. The display created a lot of interest with some members hoping to join new interest groups in the future. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, October 5, at 10am at St Mary’s Church, Eastwood, with David Amos the visiting speaker. Anyone wanting more info about the U3A or the interest groups available at Eastwood can visit the next meeting or go to the website at www.eastwoodu3a.org.