Distressed OAPs fight holiday firm

NEAA 06-11-12 BE 13 Les Skinner from Nuthall, ripped off with a holiday time share deal.
NEAA 06-11-12 BE 13 Les Skinner from Nuthall, ripped off with a holiday time share deal.

Eastwood pensioners have been threatened with debt collectors after an argument broke out between them and a holiday company.

Les and Maureen Skinner are refusing to pay the £200 bill sent to them by the firm, claiming they did not get the service they signed up for when they were approached by sales reps on holiday in Malta back in 2009.

The couple paid £1,200 for three week-long holidays and say were told there would be two options available for them locally in the Isle of Wight, while the condition the first holiday had to be in Malta would also be waived as part of their deal – both promises the company went back on, Mr and Mrs Skinner claim.

But customer services manager at the Executive Club Carol Clements said all holiday locations were ‘subject to availability’ and the final ‘users fee’ bill has now been forwarded on to a debt collection agency.

Mr Skinner, 75, claims he made it clear during conversation with the reps that his wife had several health complaints, making it difficult for her to fly.

“They were aware of the ongoing health problems when we signed up to it,” he said.

“We usually holiday in Great Yarmouth and we told them that. We just went to Malta as a one off because it was Christmas.”

Over the three years the Skinners, of Poplar Crescent, Nuthall, took one holiday in the Gran Canaria but only because they were not offered anything else, they say.

Ms Clements confirmed the company did have access to resorts in the Isle of Wight but they were subject to availability.

“Their first holiday with us was actually taken in Gran Canaria, so the first holiday, which should have been in Malta, was indeed waived,” she added.

But Mr Skinner broke down in tears as he told the Advertiser how much the ordeal had affected him, and his wife’s health.

“I have been left high and dry,” he said. “I’ve got nothing whatsoever to show for it.

“I parted with over £1,000 theree years ago and I don’t intend paying any more.”