Do Kimberley folk want one way system?

Councillor Richard Robinson at the junction of Maws Lane with Hardy Street in Kimberley.
Councillor Richard Robinson at the junction of Maws Lane with Hardy Street in Kimberley.

A councillor in Kimberley is surveying residents in the town to see what they think about creating a one way system in Maws Lane and Hardy Street.

Richard Robinson held meetings with residents in the town earlier this year to discuss the traffic congestion and poor visibility in Maws Lane, Cliff Boulevard and Hardy Street.

One of the suggestions made to solve the problem was to create a one system so traffic flows up Maws Lane and down Hardy Street.

Susan Riley said: “I’m in favour but think it would need to implemented alongside 20mph speed restrictions and speed bumps to help drivers respect the residential area and the school. Otherwise the drivers who already use Hardy Street as a rat run would be encouraged to go even faster than they do already.”

Carl Armstrong said: “Although the one way system would be a good idea, I have great reservations about traffic going down Hardy Street without vehicle parking restrictions.

“Large vehicles will still have to get down Hardy Street even at school start and finish times when it becomes totally blocked with cars parked on both sides of the road.”

Cherry Wilde suggested putting a mini roundabout and pedestrian crossing in at the bottom of Hardy Street and Main Street to ease the congestion.

Darren Seaton said: “This is the most ridiculous and ill thought out suggestion.

“It will increase traffic not reduce congestion. Everyone living on Hardy Street, Maws Lane, Beverley Drive, Alma Hill and Stocks Road who want to get to Watnall will be driving round in circles, thereby increasing conjestion.”

Darren suggested getting rid of the speed bumps as they slow cars down, and making Cliff Boulevard wider.