Do we have the facilities to cope with the housing development?

Swathes of land will be built on in Eastwood and Kimberley over the coming years.

But do we have enough facilities in the area to cope with the ever increasing population?

In Eastwood planning applications have been submitted to Broxtowe Borough Council to build more than 200 properties off Chewton Street, Newmanleys Road and Walker Street.

And over in Kimberley applications are well underway to build around 150 new properties in and around the town’s brewery site.

But this is only the start of it, and locals have grave concerns about how our towns will cope with the vast amount of new property planned for the area over the next 10 years.

Ex-town Mayor Brian Griffin said we needed more school places, more GP practices and more leisure facilities and Kimberley councillor Roy Plumb said the town was already ‘at full stretch’.

Mr Griffin said the local authorities needed to spend more money in the area and referred to Eastwood as ‘the frozen north’ of the borough.

“There’s no good keep building houses if we are not building all that goes with them,” he said.

“Eastwood needs more sports facilities. Hall Park sports centre closed when the school became an academy. We should be opening them up not closing them down.

“The local authorities have got to get on board with all of this though. Everything is being pumped into Beeston and the tram. Eastwood is the frozen north.”

Mr Griffin had serious concern over the roads and parking. He said parking in Eastwood town centre was already difficult, and questioned where all the extra cars would park.

“Traffic is going to be a big problem,” he said.

“If it’s two cars per house where on earth are they going to park in the town centre?

“We are building all these houses but we don’t have the infrastructure to go with it – it’s not in proportion.

“These roads can only take what they can take. A lot of the streets in Eastwood are Victorian streets and are so narrow.”

The ex town councillor said Eastwood people were the ‘salt of the earth’, and he wanted them to have the facilities they deserved.

“I am proud of Eastwood. Eastwood people are the salt of the earth, and all I ask is that these people get the right facilities.

“I want to see Eastwood get its fair share.

“Birnham Products was flattened to build houses but where are Mr and Mrs Smith going to work,” added Mr Griffin who lives in Chewton Street.

Kimberley town councillor Roy Plumb echoed Mr Griffin’s comments and said he was ‘deeply concerned’.

“We really are a community that’s at full stretch already.

“We are deeply concerned about the provision for housing in our area,” he said.

“Any development has got to be associated with other community development such as doctors, banks and schools for it to work.”

The councillor said High Street had been identified as a possible site to build on.

“It’s a narrow Victorian Street with no provision to absorb any extra traffic. I can’t even see how they can consider it,” he said.

The Core Strategy – a document outlining plans for property development in Broxtowe between now and 2028 – was approved last year.

It details sites that have been earmarked for possible development, with almost 20 identified in Eastwood alone.

To see a full list of the sites earmarked see Broxtowe Borough Council’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment at