Does tech make for better world?

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Has technology changed communication? We are all surrounded by fabulous technology - mobile phones, TVs, electronic games, computers and the list just keeps growing.

What did we do without it all? All sit round the one TV in the house and watch whatever was on one of the three channels, listen to the top 40 on a Sunday night and try to record the music without the presenters, go on bike rides with our pals in the summer, family days out in the car on a Sunday when dad would always get lost and you always ended up in a tearoom in a garden centre?

Does the fact that we now have literally anything we want at any time of day or night make it a better world? Families are split with a child in every room watching their own TVs, playing on XBox, chatting on the net. Parents doing online shopping, catching up on emails, or watching a box set of the latest craze of serial TV programme.

Where has the family time gone? Do we all lead such busy lives that we have forgotten to communicate as a family without text, notes or email? Sitting down for tea round the table as a family may have seemed tedious at the time, but it was a great way to chat about the day, share funny stories and keep up to date with each other. I know that we need to advance and move forward, but do we actually gain anything with all this wonderful technology?

Listening to young people chatting on the bus, or walking past on the streets, they have adapted a text talk, so slang as we knew it is also on the change. It will be rather amusing to read a dictionary in years to come and see words that we would not even have dreamed of using a few years ago.

So in your opinion are we moving forward with technology?

Has it really changed the way we live or am I just being terribly old fashioned? I do embrace change, but am a little concerned that without having that quality family time as children and young adults, that we will eventually allow the old fashioned art of communicating and discussions to fade out.

Let us all make a conscious effort to keep that old fashioned art of discussions and family time going. Embrace technology, but cherish who we have around us.