Dog fouling causing a nuisance in Eastwood’s streets

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RESIDENTS living on the Daisy Farm Estate in Eastwood are at the end of their tether with constant dog fouling near their homes.

Margaret Dobson, of Thorn Drive, is fed up with dog walkers not clearing up after their pets and has reported the matter to Broxtowe Borough Council.

“Everyday I think this isn’t on because of what can happen if a kid falls in it and gets it in their eyes,” she said.

“People are letting their dogs foul in the middle of the footpath and then poor people are walking in it.

“The other day someone walked in it and then walked it up to my bungalow.”

Mrs Dobson said there is a dog mess bin just at the end of one of the roads on the estate, but some dog walkers just ignore it and simply leave the mess on the street.

“I can’t understand how someone can be near a red bin and still let their dog foul on the footpath.

“From where the bin is there’s mess all the way up the road.”

The red bin on the estate is down an alleyway between Portland Road Gorse Close.

The 63-year-old said “People need to be aware. There’s no need for it.”

The council has now put two warning signs up on the estate.