Dogs attack man in the street

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A man was set upon by two dogs as he was out walking his Shih Tzu in Newthorpe.

The man in his 50s who did not want to be named, said the Japenese Akita and Husky ran at him and his dog, bowling him over, and attacking his dog.

One of the dogs dragged the man along the floor and bit his hand, whilst the other picked his Shiz Tzu up in its mouth, biting at its head.

The shaken dog walker said: “I was wearing gloves so I put my hand in its mouth to release my dog and then just him over a fence to get him away.”

The man said he was ‘terrified’.

“I had two seven stone dogs running towards me. I was terrified,” he said.

“These attacks are happening way to often and it’s about time something is done about it. If that had been an elderly person or a young child it would have been very serious.”

The man, who had to have treatment on his hand, heard the dogs had got out of a nearby back garden after the wind blew the fence down.

He said the owners of the dogs came out to take them in, but did not offer him an apology when he told them what had happened.

“They just told me their dogs don’t hurt anyone and that was it,” he said.

The incident, which happened last Sunday at 8.30am, was reported to the police, who visited the owner of the dogs and offered to take the man round to their house for a formal apology, which he declined.

A police spokesperson said: “Both parties worked with police to resolve the matter, which was also reported to the dog warden.”