Don’t short change OAPs


Every six weeks or there about my sister and I with our spouses, meet for a family get-together. We take it in turns to choose a venue to chat and enjoy good food. Now for the first time the inn chosen was in a Leicestershire village. Of course I won’t mention the name of the Inn or the village.

A chalk-board displayed the meals on offer with the added bonus of ‘senior citizens meals being priced at £4.75. We ordered, enjoyed our pre luncheon drink and chatted until the meals were served.

I was saddened by the presentation. I will quickly describe my meal. As I don’t eat meat it was ‘Hobson’s choice’ for me. The dish sounded nice on the menu, tagliatelle, sauce and a cheese garnish, this also came with two slices of bread cut from a French loaf.

When served my dish consisted of about four strands of pasta, six small whole tomatoes, swimming in what I can only describe as a thick vegetable soup, sprinkled with a small amount of cheese. Not pleasing to the eye at all. The taste had an overpowering sweetness to it.

Because I was with guests I decided to tackle the meal with no complaints. I left about two thirds of it.

We have never ever had a meal chosen from the senior citizens menu before and I am appalled that just because we happen to be of a certain age we are not entitled to the full consideration given to other age groups.

I maybe tarring all inns and dining establishments to the same brush because, as I said this the first time we have had a meal from the senior citizens’ menu.

I am so upset about this that I have decided that if there is a next time, no matter if I’m with family, friends or royalty, I will stand up and be heard.

Name and address supplied.