Donate your unwanted Christmas gifts to an Eastwood charity and help fight heart disease

Christmas gifts.
Christmas gifts.

The British Heart Foundation in Eastwood is urging people donate their unwanted Christmas presents to charity as the money will help fund life-saving research into heart disease.

The charity shop on Derby Road will accept everything from candles, Christmas jumpers, socks, games, handbags, books, DVDs and other items which you no longer want.

A study by the British Heart Foundation revealed that more than half of people in the East Midlands receive two unwanted Christmas presents each year.

With the average price per Christmas gift at £21.75, this means £2.7 billion pounds worth of unwanted presents could be donated to charity this year.

The Foundation’s Deputy Retail Director Diane Locke, said: “Every year people receive presents that are just not to their taste, are the wrong size, or even two of the same gift.

“These unwanted presents can make an extraordinary difference to BHF shops so we’re encouraging people from Eastwood to donate their unwanted gifts and help raise vital funds in the fight against heart disease.”

Last year BHF shops raised over £31 million to help fight heart disease - the nation’s single biggest killer - and the charity now has 700 shops.