Double yellow lines at Co-op?

Co-Op store on Maws Lane, Kimberley
Co-Op store on Maws Lane, Kimberley

A councillor is trying to get double yellow lines outside the Co-op in Kimberley.

Cars are parking outside the entrance to the store in Cornfield Road causing congestion problems and making it tricky for delivery drivers to pull in and out.

Coun Richard Robinsion is investigating the possibility of having double yellow lines outside the store to deter the vehicles.

But he said he will have to look into safety measures in a nearby car park before he goes ahead.

“The people parking opposite the store are residents who live in the flats in Cornfield Road.

“They say they park their cars there because they do not feel it is safe enough to park in the car park, due to an anti-social behaviour problem,” said Coun Robinson.

The Kimberley councillor now plans to meet with the management of Derwent Living who own the flats, to discuss possible ways of making the car park safer for the residents before going ahead.

“Rather than simply ask the county council to implement the proposed double yellow lines I have contacted Derwent Living first to explore a number of issues and have a discussion with them on how possibly double yellow lines could be implemented without alienating some of their residents.

“I will be meeting with Derwent Living in two weeks and asking them what can be done to make the car park more secure.”

The councillor said he has had a lot of people contact him on the matter.

“It’s a really big issue in Kimberley. I’ve had phone calls at all times of the day about it.

“I would say the vast majority of people want these double yellow lines.

“A lot of locals as well as staff at the store.

A woman who lives nearby who did not want to be named said: “The parking is appalling.

“Lorries can’t drive in at all and then they have to park on the pavement.

“One of the road signs has been knocked down by a lorry trying to turn.”

A spokesman for Derwent Living said: “Derwent Living has a meeting scheduled with Councillor Robinson.

“However we were not aware of any outstanding anti-social behaviour complaints relating to car parking on the Cornfield Road scheme.

“The housing officer for this area has an effective working relationship with the police and local authority, and if there are any concerns about parking at Cornfield Road then Derwent Living will be happy to look into these and work with Councillor Robinson and our residents to find a solution.

“Derwent Living takes anti-social behaviour complaints very seriously and residents can report problems by calling our 24-hour ASB reporting service on 01332 614 919.”