‘Drinking den’ will be a housing site

Hard-up people are to get 16 homes built on a green space described as a “drinking den” behind houses in Eastwood.

The sloping site stands behind The Island and is open land owned by Broxtowe Borough Council, which has now decided it can be developed.

Thirteen homes will be up for rent. The rest will be sold under a scheme to help buyers short of cash in the plan, approved by Broxtowe Development Control Committee.

Some neighbours say they fear problems with the new residents but Cllr Charlie Robb said: “They talk of loss of privacy and are saying it’s a drinking den. It’s already there.

“We’ve had complaints from people who go down there with cans of lager and whatever they drink nowadays. If you looked and walked the site you would see the empty cans.

“It is one of those schemes where we should say yes to it,” he told members.

But the meeting was told Notts County Council had raised several concerns. It will not adopt the access road, officers say parking would be poor and it would be difficult for a dustcart to get to the homes.

Cllr Jill Owen told the meeting: “I know we need houses building. We have to build them in the right places and in the right conditions.”

Awsworth Cllr Lydia Ball thought neighbours would be happy to see a footpath kept clean as part of the access to the new development.

Cllr Brian Wombwell said it was not suitable as a football pitch or for recreation because of the steep slope.

He backed scheme saying: ”It is just open space and doesn’t have ecological value. It is a good use of the land.”