Dukes hit cash target despite breakdown

Dukes of Hazzard charity rally
Dukes of Hazzard charity rally

A team from a Giltbrook firm who dressed as the Dukes of Hazzard for a gruelling fundraising drive hit their target — despite breaking down on a key leg of the journey!

The four employees from Birchwood Price Tools took on a 2,000-mile, four-and-a-half day round trip to Hamburg in Germany in aid of Prostate Cancer UK.

Dressed up as characters from the American TV series, ‘Team Scruffs’ managed to hit their individual fundraising target of £4,500.

But it wasn’t always easy going as their not so trusty BMW 7 series, painted up to look like the famous ‘General Lee’, broke down three hours away from Hamburg.

Rebecca Spicer, of Birchwood Price Tools, who went on the trip dressed as Miss Roscoe P Coltrane, said that the team had a real laugh.

She added: “The trip was really good despite the breakdown.

“We had to get the car towed to a nearby BMW garage, but we all finished.

“It was harder than I thought it would be, we were driving for 12 hours at a time,. But we were still climbing out of the windows (just like the charctares from the TV show) and listening to 80s music.

“I never want to listen to an 80s song again!.”

Alongside Rebecca in the ‘General Lee’ was Lee Hankins as Bo Duke, Paul Simpson as Luke Duke and Sam Norman as Daisy Duke.

The team were joined on the trip by 25 other businesses as part of the event organised by Keyline Builders’ Merchants, with the overall group aim of raising £500,000 being achieved.

The rally had a 1980s theme and as part of the Birchwood fundraising the team held charity raffles and auctions.

The rest of the money they raised came from generous sponsorship