Duo from Langley Mill company are set to climb Mount Toubkal

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Employees at a Langley Mill company are setting off on a trek to climb the highest mountain in North Africa.

Asa Shelton and Rak Ladva from GEM Vending’s are aiming to reach the summit of Mount Toubkal in Marrakech to raise awareness and funds for Homes4Life.

GEM’s Chairman Steven Gallagher and his wife Sharon started The Gallagher Trust to support the forgotten disabled children and youth of Rwanda.

The Gallagher Trust along with The Point Foundation, which is GEM Vending’s chosen charity, launched Homes4Life, a community based living programme to restore the children’s broken lives and provide a safe family environment, improving nutrition and above all restoring respect and dignity, free from institutional life. 

The Gallagher Trust’s Chairman, who is also GEM Vending’s Customer Care Manager, Sharon Gallagher, said: “Our aim is to provide Homes4Life through our programme which means constant fundraising to secure money to pay for the next month’s care.

“With the support of people like Rak and Asa who are prepared to challenge themselves, we can continue to change lives.”

During 2012 the Rwandan Governments policy was to close all of its state orphanages, including The Noel Orphanage in Nyundo, Rwanda, and restore abandoned children and orphans back to distant family members or foster families.

This left disabled children abandoned with no solution for their future.

Asa and Rak’s journey starts on May 23, until May 27, and you can follow their journey here, www.gemvending.com/2016/03/asa-and-rak-11-week-countdown-to-toubkal.