Eastwood ‘Best Bar’ winner cued up for award

Owners Sarah Taylor and Stephen Lally with staff member Jo Reeve and manager Jo Coe.
Owners Sarah Taylor and Stephen Lally with staff member Jo Reeve and manager Jo Coe.

After being inundated with nominations for the past few months the votes are in and the winner of the Eastwood and Kimberley Advertiser’s Best Bar 2014 competition can be revealed.

And the winner is... Phoenix Cue Sports.

Jo Coe (manager), Sarah Taylor (owner) and Jo Reeve (staff member).

Jo Coe (manager), Sarah Taylor (owner) and Jo Reeve (staff member).

The pool and snooker hall on Mansfield Road, Eastwood, has been praised by regulars and non-members for its great playing environment, quality tables and friendly customer service.

Owner of the bar, Sarah Taylor, said alongside her partner and co-owner, Stephen Lally and manager Jo Coe, she was touched by the result.

She added: “It makes us very proud of all the hard work we have put in over the years.”

“The award has also motivated the staff and we are all very happy to be appreciated in this way by our customers.”

And Sarah said the secret to making the best impact is all about looking after people.

“We always make sure our customer service is excellent.”

But as a hub of Nottinghamshire’s cue sports, the snooker and pool hall obviously has a commitment to providing the best venue for its players.”

Sarah added: “A number of local pros and pool teams practice here.”

Nine international-level pool players practice at the venue, and it is important to keep inspiring new blood into the sport, said Sarah, and to show the club’s commitment to local talent Phoenix Cue Sports has an event coming up to offer free training sessions on Sunday January 25, 2pm-5pm, for any young people who fancy trying their hand. Anyone interested in future sessions can also find out more by calling 01773 760459.

Sarah added: “As the county’s home venue we invest a lot of time and effort promoting pool for young people.”

And since bringing in dart boards last year, Phoenix now has another pro, Eastwood’s own “Captain” Aden Kirk, practicing at the club, who famously beat 16-times World Champion Phil Taylor at the 2014 UK Open.