Eastwood firm wins contract with one of key power stations in world

The plant at Belchatow, Poland, the largest thermal power station in Europe.
The plant at Belchatow, Poland, the largest thermal power station in Europe.

A lucrative contract for an environmentally-friendly project at the largest thermal power station in Europe has been secured by an engineering company in Eastwood.

Damper Technology Ltd (DTL), of Meadowbank Court, has been selected to design and manufacture dampers to reduce emissions at the power station in Belchatow, Poland.

The dampers will replace old leaking units currently in operation at the plant, which is also the second largest fossil-fuel power station in the world.

DTL, which employs 35 staff at Eastwood, was established in 2001 and has a background in the damper industry dating back to 1965. It won the contract after two years of negotiations involving a Polish partner, InterApp Polska.

Group sales director Kim Bovien said: “This is one of the largest contracts for the supply of dampers for Polish power plants in recent years.

“We have been working closely with the managing director of InterApp Polska and his team, and the contract will further promote our extensive range of industrial dampers to the Polish market.

“The project has also seen us combine technical knowledge to fulfil the requirements of the project.”

As a result of the leaking units at Belchatow, uncleaned flue gases were escaping from the plant’s chimneys.

DTL’s dampers will be lined with a material that has high pitting resistance, protecting the equipment from corrosion and ensuring a long life. In emergencies, these dampers can open within five seconds.