Eastwood, Kimberley and Nuthall - Parking ticket hotspots are revealed!

Feature on car parking
Feature on car parking

Exclusive information obtained by the Advertiser reveals where in the area you are most likely to get slapped with a parking fine and how much the councils have made in the last five years.

Throughout today we will be revealing your local parkign ticket hotspots on our website.

In the last five years the county council and district councils have made a staggering £153,098 from parking tickets in Eastwood, Kimberley and Nuthall, with £34,171 collected in this last year alone.

Drivers in Kimberley parking on streets have been hardest hit as they have been fined £4,230 - almost treble the amount of money as in previous years.

The figures also reveal that in 2011/2012 the district council made £21,556 from car park fines in Eastwood in just one year.

Both Nottinghamshire County Council and Broxtowe Borough Council have defended parking fines, as the money received is put back into maintaining parking in the area, paying for traffic management measures, keeping the roads safe and ensuring a high turnover of visitors.

Advertiser readers have been in touch to share their parking ticket experiences and have their say on how parking restrictions should be changed.

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