Eastwood’s St Mary’s Church

THIS is a picture of St Mary’s Church in Eastwood, taken in 1912.

The church was built in 1858 by J. Fisher, who worked in Nottingham.

This was the third church on the site and was built in the ‘early decorated’ style.

The church burnt down in 1963, leaving just the tower, which was incorporated into the present church, which opened in 1967.

Christine Cook, of Plumptre Way, submitted the photo, and married in the church herself in 1960 just before it burnt down.

The 71-year-old said the vicar forgot to turn up!

Mrs Cook and husband Bill had their reception at the congregational church in Nottingham Road – now Iceland.

She says she remembers the day the church went up in flames.

“I could see flames in the sky from my window,” she said.