Eastwood school report: “shows improvement, but could be more ambitious”

Lynncroft Primary and Nursery School, Eastwood
Lynncroft Primary and Nursery School, Eastwood

A struggling Eastwood School has shown improvement in its latest Ofsted report, since being under close watch and after a changeover of leadership.

Lynncroft Primary and Nursery School off Walker Street, went into special measures in October 2013, and has now moved up from a level four at its last inspection, labelling it “inadequate”, to a level three this year.

The inspection on February 4-5 found the school performed best in leadership and management, and early years provision - but scored lower on behaviour and safety, teaching quality and achievement.

Inspectors Charalambos Loizoi and Michael Miller said the school is improving, “but is not always ambitious enough”.

They added: “Teachers do not always provide work or plan tasks for pupils that extend their learning or that offer the right level of challenge.

Pupils’ achievment was also improving, “but should be better in years one to six”.

Gaps remain between disadvantaged pupils and others across the school, said the report.

They also found that teachers’ subject knowledge of mathematics was not up to standard, and learning was being slowed down by not asking pupils the right questions to deepen their understanding.

But the inspectors commended the school for maintaining strong leadership and teacher-pupil relationships after a difficult time of unstable staffing.

Head teacher of Lynncroft, Emma McGrenaghan joined the school two years ago as it entered “special measures”.

She said: “The whole staff team has really pulled together since the special measures and we’ve made sure the standard of teaching has improved. We’re now trying to improve the quality of teaching and make sure it has a positive impact over time.

“We’ve been working on mathematics and the governors have been involved with that, so maths is no longer below the other subjects, it’s on par with everything else.

“Issues around behaviour are mainly to do with ensuring children have positive attitudes, which we’ve also been working on since the last report.

“I’m pleased with the progress that we’ve made and we intend to build on that upward trajectory.”