Eatswood Comp to become academy?

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Eastwood Comprehensive School is looking at becoming an academy.

The current acting headteacher Phil Crompton said if plans went ahead the school could transfer to academy status as soon as this September.

He said the board of governors had noticed how effective ‘partnership working’ had been since Rushcliffe School teachers were sworn in to help raise standards and improve grades last summer.

Mr Crompton said this was ‘one of the reasons’ governors had looked towards academy status.

“Since Rushcliffe coming on board they have realised that working with another organisation can help raise standards.

“Two schools working together can be very powerful.

“If they became an academy it might be another school that comes in, or it might be an academy chain, but either way they hope it would have the same effect.”

Mr Crompton said another reason was governors did not want to get left behind and the school be the last in Nottinghamshire that had not become an academy.

In June last a teacher from Rushcliffe School was sworn in to work with teachers two days a week.

The headteacher at the same school, Phil Crompton, was later asked to fill in for Mark Pickford, who left towards the end of last year, splitting his time between Eastwood and West Bridgford.

“We are supporting the school in lots of ways to improve achievement and we feel things are looking up,” he said.

“We have installed change. A lot of children use mobile phones on site, turn up in trainers and wear hoodies and we’re changing that. We are working hard to raise the standards.”

Rushcliffe School in West Bridgford is one of the best schools in the county.

Last week the Advertiser reported the GCSE grades at Eastwood Comprehensive School last year were some of the worse in Nottinghamshire.