Eddie Izzard joins Labour in Broxtowe Ashfield

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Comedian Eddie Izzard met voters in the street in both Broxtowe and Ashfield constuencies yesterday as he joined local Labour candidates on their campaigns across the region.

The multilingual, Emmy-award-winning comedian joined Ashfield candidate Gloria De Piero, and West Bromwich East candidate Tom Watson to meet Aldi shoppers in Kirkby-in-Ashfield and to stop passengers as they got off the train at Kirkby station.

He also joined Broxtowe candidate Nick Palmer to go into shops on Beeston High Road.

Eddie told the Advertiser: “We’ve got the wind in our sails, heading forwards. The weather is good as well which is always better for getting out and campaigning and people are very positive.

Describing himself as a British European, the 53-year-old stand-up and actor added: “We should stay in the EU because if you want to change it you have to be inside it. “It’s not going anywhere, if we pull out we still have to trade with it. We’ll lose jobs, multinational companies will move to mainland Europe. It’s a crazy idea to leave.”

More important than anything today is that people vote, he added.

“I just want people to use it, men and women have fought and died for the vote and are dying all around the world.”

But does he think people should vote safely and tactically, or should they vote for what they really believe in?

“I would say, you have to be practical about this and it’s either David Cameron or Ed Miliband who’s going to be running the country after the election.”

Mr Izzard, who has campaigned for the Labour party for over a decade and long brought politics into his shows, has also stated that he will be running for election in 2020.

Along his whistlestop tour of Notts and Derbyshire he also visited Ripley and met drama students in Long Eaton to give advice about staying determined in showbiz.

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