School defends staff redundancy plan

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ALDERCAR Community Language College has defended itself against union claims that plans to make a teacher at the school redundant are ‘unnecessary’.

In a statement the school said the ‘pragmatic and difficult’ decision was ‘taken with great regret and only after we had exhausted all other practical and appropriate ways to reduce the staffing at Aldercar’.

It claims there was a ‘proven surplus teaching in a specific specialist subject area’ and the union’s proposed solution was not workable because not all teachers could teach specialist subjects.

The governors say the current economic situation and a downturn in the number of students over the next few years have had ‘financial consequences’ they are confronting now so ‘funding will not be used to support surplus staffing in those areas where it is not needed’.

The school says that since last year there has been an overall reduction in the number of staff by 5.4 teachers – even when including the four new teachers who have been taken on in that period.

More than 20 teachers went on strike again on Wednesday and Thursday with another three days of action planned for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week.