Election debate set at Kimberley Church

Holy Trinity Church, Kimberley
Holy Trinity Church, Kimberley

MP hopefuls for all major parties are confirmed to be taking part in a hustings at the Holy Trinity Church in Kimberley.

Parliamentary candidates for the Broxtowe borough will attend the debate on Monday April 27, from 7pm until 9pm.

Confirmed are previous MP Anna Soubry, Conservative; Nick Palmer, Labour; Stan Heptinstall, Liberal Democrat; and David Kirwan, Green.

Responses from the parliamentary candidates for UKIP and J4MB are yet to be received.

The Rev Barbara Holbrook, from the church, said: “We’re really proud to host the hustings, following a pastoral letter from the House of Bishops encouraging all Christians to be active in the process of the election, and to encourage people in the area to find out more and hear from the candidates.”