English Heritage object to proposals

NEAALC100721C2 - Hardy and Hansons Kimberley
NEAALC100721C2 - Hardy and Hansons Kimberley

An organisation that seeks to conserve English history has objected to some of the plans put forward for the development of the Kimberley Brewery Site.

English Heritage is against the plan to knock the listed maltings building down, and said bulldozing the brewhouse, losing the woodland and building ‘incongruous’ housing was ‘harmful’ to the conservation area.

The organisation said there was no justification for the removal of the historic internal features in the second maltings building, and ‘no options were explored’ to retain the interior of the brewhouse to keep the exterior in tact.

Local action group Save Our Brewery Site (SOBS) has now made renewed calls to developers Metis Development to make the most of the old buildings.

SOBS member Andy Wickham said: “We share English Heritage’s concerns that future options to retain key historic elements which are proposed for demolition may not have been sufficiently explored.

“The brewery is by far the most important collection of historic buildings in Kimberley and is at the heart of the town’s conservation area. This is what gives Kimberley its potential for regeneration.”

Broxtowe Borough Council will consider the planning application for the site later this year.

Mr Wickham said SOBS has introduced the council to a leading national authority on the conservation of historic breweries to ‘help inform the debate’.

The plans include access for a possible future tram line and the creation of new houses and apartments.