Animal rescuers in Brinsley urge public to 'think twice' before interfering with wildlife

Animal rescuers in Brinsley are calling on people to ‘think twice’ before interfering with wildlife to avoid an influx of spring babies being taken into care.

Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 10:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 21st April 2021, 10:05 am
Baby birds being cared for at Brinsley Animal Rescue.

Brinsley Animal Rescue provides a sanctuary for pets, wild animals and farm animals, aiming to eventually rehome or release them back into the wild.

Volunteers always deal with many calls during the spring from people who have rescued baby animals they feel need caring for.

The charity posted a plea on Facebook to members of the public, urging them to only interfere if the animal is ‘obviously injured or suffering’.

Founder Jon Beresford said: “We call this time of year the ‘Silly Season’ as we take in dozens of spring babies to rear, a very time consuming process.

“We currently have several baby pigeons, blackbirds, songbirds, a fox cub and a couple of owls, on top of all the sick and injured wildlife in our care.

“We do work with other local voluntary groups but between us we cannot cope with the sheer volume, so please always think twice before you step in.”

The charity has said that although people’s efforts are well-intentioned, a fair proportion of the calls received are from those who should have left nature to run its course.

Jon added: “Lots of fledgling birds are picked up by people, thinking they are too young or have wing injuries, when in fact there's nothing wrong.

“When birds first leave the nest, the fledglings live off the ground for a few days and are cared for by their parents.

“Even when there are cats around, they stand a greater chance of survival with their parents than being handled and hand-reared.

“If you do see an animal you feel needs care, only interfere if its obviously injured or suffering.

“If in doubt seek advice before you interfere and have somewhere for them to go.

“Keep the animal warm and quiet and never attempt to force water or food on them.”

Brinsley Animal Rescue is run entirely by volunteers and must raise £1,000 every week to continue its work saving creatures of all kinds.

To make a donation, visit Brinsley Animal Rescue’s Facebook page or head to