Burning manure ‘causes a stink’ with residents

Bullocks near Chatton.' Picture by Jane Coltman
Bullocks near Chatton.' Picture by Jane Coltman

Residents in Brinsley have called environmental health officers to investigate an enormous pile of burning manure in the village.

Resident John Rowley said: “We can’t have our windows open because of the smell. It’s ginormous.

“It can’t be good for you. There are children with asthma around here.

“It’s not a responsible way to behave, particularly not if you are a farmer.”

John, of Plain Spot Road, said it had been going on for two months, getting bigger and bigger.

He said: “The farmer has continued to pile manure on seven days a week and there’s smoke coming off it.

“He normally spreads it on the fields, but that obviously costs him time and fuel.

“I think he should be fined.

“I put up with it for a couple of months, but enough is enough.

“When I rang the council they said a lot of people had complained.”

Farmer Nigel Kirk said the grass in his field was too long to muck spread as usual.

He said: “The grass is about 2ft long and we are just waiting to cut it.

“As soon as we have cut the grass we will spread it on the field.”

Mr Kirk said he was unsure whether the hot weather caused the fire or whether it was started maliciously.

He said: “We can’t put it out because it’s burning from the inside. If it’s disturbed it will just flare up.

A spokesman from Ashfield District Council said: “Ashfield District Council has received a number of reports from residents regarding a dairy herd manure stockpile which has caught fire at a farm in Brinsley.

“Ashfield District Council has taken expert advice from the fire service and are currently working on addressing the issue with the owner of the farm.

“Our Environmental Protection Team have been making frequent inspections at the site and we aim to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”